Laravel Vs WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has been around since 2003. WordPress is being used to run everything from small blogs to ecommerce websites. Laravel on the other hand is a PHP Framework for building modern websites and web applications. While WordPress is a fully featured CMS, Laravel is not. However, Laravel can […]

Mobile Optimization: Why is it so important

As we all know the trends in website design are constantly changing, as well as the way people access websites! More and more people surf the internet on their phones. Which then gives way to another extremely important feature that will need to be imbedded into ALL websites in order to be able to grow […]

Top 5 Website Design Tends for 2020

Patterns Are Back! Patterns are making a comeback this year. In addition to fully covering the background of a site, patterns seemingly will also bring a hot and modern design, whether it be the crafty look or the business look, there will surely be a pattern to fit.  Pictures and Illustration One of the biggest […]

Top 5 Restaurant Website Tips

Too many times many of us of us have gone back and forth between restaurant websites trying to choose and decide what restaurant to go to. And most of the time we make our decision based on what you see on the website. You see how delicious the appetizers, entrees, the desserts are presented to […]

The 10 Misconceptions Of Website Designs

Myth 1: “Once a website is up and running it’s all good to go” Truth: One of the biggest myth that we see day in and day out is that once a website is built and pushed live in production it is all set and good forever. The big reality is that those sites have […]