Mobile Optimization: Why is it so important

As we all know the trends in website design are constantly changing, as well as the way people access websites!

More and more people surf the internet on their phones. Which then gives way to another extremely important feature that will need to be imbedded into ALL websites in order to be able to grow your business. And that is what is known as “Mobile Optimization.” NOT having a mobile friendly site can mean turning away potential customers which is then in turn hurts your business’s growth.

We’ve established the importance of having a mobile optimized site. But, what exactly is it?

To optimize a website is to develop a website that meets mobile friendly standards. That requires assessing components of the website’s design, speed, and structure to take into account the different load times and screen sizes.

Now, what are some go he best practices and techniques to optimize your website for mobile usage.

Mobile First Design Patterns

Considering that over 60% of sites visits are taking place on mobile websites, it is a no brainer to design with mobile in mind first, then to think about the desktop. Using responsive design technices to start from a mobile view and scale up to a desktop view is very common and for good reason. It is a smart way to design and develop.

Easy to Use Design

The simpler the better! Over crowding a s small screen can de frustrating and confusing for the visitors. You would want to make sure that you remove any elements that are not inherently necessary. To avoid any accidental clicks you can place buttons in places that will not interfere with the user experience. Also be aware of how the website interacts with the touch screen. Hover effects are known to not work very well on mobile devices. 

Loading Speed

Having a website that has a slow loading speed can be a huge obstacle for any screen size, but it is especially important for mobile websites. There are ways to increase the loading speed of your website by using images that have been optimized avoiding any unnecessary requests, simplifying the code etc. Data-Head can help increase the speed of your website not only by doing the above but by also optimizing both your mobile and desktop sites.