Top 5 Website Design Tends for 2020

Patterns Are Back!

Patterns are making a comeback this year. In addition to fully covering the background of a site, patterns seemingly will also bring a hot and modern design, whether it be the crafty look or the business look, there will surely be a pattern to fit. 

Pictures and Illustration

One of the biggest website design upcoming trends is combining photos with simplistic hand drawn two dimensional drawings that either replace parts of photos or interact with the drawings to create a fun and creative mixture of both realities.

The Classics

The one trend that just always seems to make its way back, is the classic black and white website design. Seemingly the black and white trend always remains in the top 10 trends. These websites often minimalistic and contain and art line elements further refining their grace. We most definitely will be seeing the elegance of the black and white websites in this year.

Line Art!

So, it turns out that line art has become a total mega hit in all of the fields of the graphic design! Although they seem simple looking, line art illustrations can make websites look super creative, while still maintaining a professional and clean look.

Throw Back RETRO!

Effects that have a retro feel to them like dust, some black and white photographs, some duller colors that remind us of the 50s and 60s. Those decades are a huge source of inspiration for many web developers! This trend will be for sure seen in many websites in 2020 so be sure to keep an eye out.