Top 5 Restaurant Website Tips

Too many times many of us of us have gone back and forth between restaurant websites trying to choose and decide what restaurant to go to. And most of the time we make our decision based on what you see on the website. You see how delicious the appetizers, entrees, the desserts are presented to you. And you end up choosing one restaurant  over the other, because you saw the following: the photographs of one site were not the best making the entrees look unappetizing, and the website, to top it off, looks like it has been up since the start of the internet. 

Here are our top 5 tips to help build your top notch website.  

Tip 1: Pics, Pics, Pics!

The photographs you use on your website should be of rich and high quality, and that is most important in a restaurant website as that is what your clients will more than likely than base their decision  on how appetizing your dishes look in the photographs. Photographs and other visuals can really paint a picture for your clients of what will they experience when they visit your restaurant! 

Tip 2: The Captions

The description of the of the dishes are EVERYTHING. You should let your visitors know of the love that goes into your delicious creations! Your visitors should be able to, in a sweet, mouth watering scroll, to see the tastiness of your appetizers to the cherry on top of your scrumptious desserts.  For this, a one page design is perfect for that one simple scroll.

Tip 3: Social Media

Here is another top tip: You guessed it the MEDIA! Once people visit your restaurant they for sure will be talking about it. Press attention builds trust in the likelihood that you will have a good experience. Your menu is one of the most important parts of your restaurant’s custom website design. Having a strong design will 100% help your clients learn about the your dished and story easy and enjoyable!

Tip 4: The Important Info

Next top tip: The highlighted information of your site should be easy to locate. What info you may ask: ONLY the most important information of it all of course. Your menu, restaurant locations, phone number, and most importantly how to make reservations. Featuring this information and making it simple and easy to find is key for your visitors!

Tip 5: Call to Action

A website design with a call to action is a great idea for any restaurant. A call to action button that prompts the visitor to book a table well placed in your website and/or order online will help create consistency and make it easier for your site visitors to know exactly what to do and where and how to take action!